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We run 100 auctions a day, Sunday-Thursday.  Our current auctions can be found at http://auctions.ssndd.com

We also have hundreds of items up for direct sale at http://buyitnow.ssndd.com and http://ebay.ssndd.com

Customers are also welcome to come browse our warehouse directly!

We Do Things Differently!


 We back up what we sell - other sites are "buyer beware" - we think it's on us to make sure you know what you're buying, and if we're wrong we make it right!

We pay your sales tax - each quarter we reverse out the tax and pay it on your behalf, saving you nearly 7%

We don't charge a buyer's premium - most auction companies charge 5-20%!! We don't charge a penny!

We support local charities - to the tune of nearly $20,000 in the last 2 years!

We care about our customers - you guys make us! We listen to feedback and do what we can to keep you coming back! 

Resellers Welcome!


 Our prices are so good that many of our customers are resellers!

Check out the closing prices on most of our auctions compared to retail, there's plenty of room for most of our items to turn a profit!